Pro Shop Update- 8/7/21

US Open Competition-

Last month we held our US Open competition where members had a chance to win a dozen Titleist Tour Speed balls by picking the winner in the 2021 US Open!

Suprisingly out of all of the entries only one member picked the red hot favourite Jon Rahm, our General Manager of the Services Club Mick Bolger.

Myself and the competition winner, Mick “Johnny Rahm” Bolger. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

British Open Competition-

With the British Open only around the corner, we are going to run a similar competition to the one above. Open to all members, pick the winner of the British open for a chance to win a dozen Titleist Tour Speed Balls!

My Pick: Rory Mcilroy

Submit your pick in the proshop!

Term 2 After School Clinics-

Below are details for our Term 2 after school clinics. Lets get our next generation of golfers on the course!

Displaying IMG_20210708_091001.jpg

Change your grips!-

Might be time to change your grips? Remember you can get thicker grips for bigger hands!

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