Pro Shop Update- 11/6/21

Pro Shop News-

Many of you will have noticed our changes to the arrangement of the Pro Shop, which has allowed us to order in more stock. Over the coming months the members will start to see a more extensive range of items in the shop. Feel free to ask if you want anything particular ordered in for you, or any suggestions as to what the members may want. I want to give a big thanks to all of the members that have supported me on this journey so far!

US Open Competition!

With the US Open being played at Torrey Pines next week, I thought we could run a friendly competition with the members. On the proshop counter there will be a box where the members can submit their tip. See T&C’s in proshop.

My Tip: Harris English

The winner will recieve a dozen Titleist Tour Speed Balls (valued at $65)!

Chipping Tip!

From what I have noticed playing with the members is that we are losing a lot of shots around the green, especially with chipping. I thought a couple of pointers may come in handy for you guys!

Here are some of the faults or bad habits I see with chipping.

Body weight on back foot, or “leaning back” trying to lift the ball.

Trying to “scoop” the ball with the hands.

Only swinging with arms (no body rotation).

Here are some of the things that you can practice in the backyard! (avoid windows)

Get majority of weight on front foot (I like to think 60% on front foot, 40% on back foot)

Feel like you are cutting across the ball more (outside to in club path)

Rotate your body to swing the club (think less arms, more body)

Hopefully this tip helps your game! If not, maybe a lesson could be beneficial for you.

Cheers, JH

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