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Pro Shop Update- 8/7/21

US Open Competition- Last month we held our US Open competition where members had a chance to win a dozen Titleist Tour Speed balls by picking the winner in the 2021 US Open! Suprisingly out of all of the entries only one member picked the red hot favourite Jon Rahm, our General Manager of theContinue reading “Pro Shop Update- 8/7/21”

Pro Shop Update- 11/6/21

Pro Shop News- Many of you will have noticed our changes to the arrangement of the Pro Shop, which has allowed us to order in more stock. Over the coming months the members will start to see a more extensive range of items in the shop. Feel free to ask if you want anything particularContinue reading “Pro Shop Update- 11/6/21”

Pro Shop Update- 28/5/21

Hello to all of the Gundagai Golf Club members, as well as other subscribers to this newsletter. Every fortnight I will try to write up a newsletter/article of sorts, that will hopefully provide information that is helpful for golfers of all abilities. Feel free to subscribe if you haven’t already! First off, about Phil Mickelson!Continue reading “Pro Shop Update- 28/5/21”

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